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1009GR is a highly versatile tape designed to leave no residue when removed from most surfaces. Excellent for surface protection.  This is the tape preferred
by professional contractors for adhesion and removability.



1009CL is a clear tape with the same features as 1009GR.









2010 series tapes are have more adhesion than the 1009 series tapes but still offer low residue removal.
These tapes are semitransparent and excellent for packaging, masking, and labeling as they are easy to write on with black or colored markers.
2010 series tapes have excellent performance with advanced acrylic adhesive
and are available in dynamic colors.


Snow White

1008SW is a Marine Grade tape with outstanding UV resistance properties. Use where you need extreme outdoor exposure and durability. White surface is ideal for marking. Excellent all around high performance tape.



2010GD is a high performance tape with a beautiful gold foil surface. Don’t let the color fool you. This is a serious performance tape that is very easy to use.



2010AL is a very clean and user friendly HVAC tape. Much easier to use than regular duct tape.  G-Tape 2010AL will quickly become your favorite tape.




9014CL is a 2 sided tape with user friendly features. Uses include arts and crafts where it excels at being very strong yet incredibly easy to use. There is no other tape like 9014CL available at any price.




5009MTBK Gaffer’s tape is a Black matte tape for use in theater and film
production. Along with having excellent adhesion, 5009MTBK leaves no residue behind like other rubber based tapes. Low residue means less cleanup time.


3030BK is the highest rated tape for building wrap on the market. 3030BK is commercial rated and can stick to difficult surfaces where other tapes can’t.  Also exceptional adhesion to foam insulation and gypsum sheathing.


3030WH has the same properties as 3030BK in a white tape. This tape also has many other possible applications where extreme performance is required.

9030BK is a 2-sided version of 3030BK and can be used on building wrap seams to eliminate any tape being exposed. This tape is also used by hardwood flooring installers to perfectly align starting pieces prior to fastening.

3030WH has the same properties as 3030BK in a white tape. This tape also has many other possible applications where extreme performance is required.

9030BK 2"

9030BK 1"

9030BK 1" is a narrow version for applications not requiring 2" width.


Ultimate Flashing performance with unmatched contractor friendly features. AAMA 7-11 Level 3 Class A means 3040BK Flashings meet the highest standards for hot and cold performance and does so without the need for additional primer. Lighter weight than butyl or rubberized asphalt flashings 3040BK outperforms these products by significant margins.
-3040BK 2” has quickly become a favorite of deck builders across the U.S.   No other product combines performance and ease of use.  Adds protection to deck joists and helps to increase longevity.
-3040BK 4” is used by deck builders as well but also moves into the window and fenestration application. High performance, repositionable, and able to be installed without the use of razor knives or scissors make G-Tape Flashing unlike any other product you’ve seen.
-3040BK is used to professionally flash Windows, doors, deck beams, etc.  Use anywhere you need permanent protection.
-3040BK Flashings have been shown to adhere to the toughest surfaces and in the toughest environments.
-3040BK Flashings have been recently tested for 50 year ageing and have demonstrated to retain over 60% of original adhesion and over 100% of original tensile strength. We challenge all other Flashing products to do the same.

3040 Log
Roll 51” x

-3030BK Log rolls available for unique applications.
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