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 Machining and Fabrication Capabilities 

We have the tools needed to get your project completed quickly and correctly. With a collective 50+ years of experience, our talented machinists, welders, fabricators, and CNC Operators are here to ensure you are completely satisfied with your finished project. Take a look at a few of our machines below all ready to serve you.

HAAS VF-2D CNC Machine

Table Size 36" x 14"
Table Load Capacity 1,000 lbs.
X-Axis Travel    30"
Y-Axis Travel    16"
Z-Axis Travel    20"

Material Capabilities: Any

JD squared Plasma Cutter

Table Size 5" x 10"

Material Capabilities: Any


Kingston HJ-1100 Manual Lathe

Millport Manual Vertical Mill & Kingston Manual Vertical Mill

Mig or Tig Welding


Surface Grinder

Vertical Saw and Sander

TOS Varnsdorf Horizontal Mill.jpg

TOS Varnsdorf Horizontal Mill

Vertical Mills.jpg

Vertical Mills

Okamoto Surface Grinder.jpg

Okamoto Surface Grinder

Jones-Shipman Surface Grinder.jpg

Jones-Shipman Surface Grinder

VMC 1040 Tree Mill.jpg

VMC 1040 Tree Mill

10' Brake.jpg

10' Brake Press

Cincinnati 10' Brake.jpg

10' Cincinnati Brake Press

Cincinnati 10' Shear.jpg

Cincinnati 10' Shear

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