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At KAKOU USA, LLC, we strive for


Kakou, USA specializes in machine design/building, and we also offer machining and fabrication services. With locations in both Lexington, KY and Morristown, TN, we are always able to adhere to our motto "commitment to excellence." Multiple locations enable Kakou to continuously search for new and innovative ways to help our customers get their product as quickly as possible while still adhering to our strict quality control standards. Our regular customers particularly value our quick response and our quality.


 Here at Kakou USA, we will always provide quality, low cost and effective machining and fabrication services to our customers. With our engineering/maintenance experience, we will ensure that your designs and parts are completed to your specifications; attention to detail throughout the job will yield
the highest quality.


TSLOTS Aluminum Extrusions: Easy to use, lightweight, durable and prefinished in any color you need.

Nichigo G-Tape™: Pressure-sensitive, hand tearable,  leaves little or no residue. Can be removed from itself and reused unlike standard duct tapes. Higher tensile strength and dimensional stability than conventional gaffer tapes or duct tapes.

Swiss Precision Instruments: Quality, Value and Fast Delivery. Our 432 page catalog features all of the SPI Branded Products. You will find numerous New, Unique and Hard To Find Measuring Tools, Optical Tools, Machine Tool and Shop Accessories.

ECOA Lifts:  Scissor Lift Tables to Tilt Tables to Hydraulic Lifts to Custom Lifts, standard ergonomic lifting equipment with capacities ranging from 500 lbs to 120,000 lbs, Customizable to your spefications. Quality equipment, delivered on time, and competitively priced.

Techno Rise: Lapping/polishing related tools, semiconductor related equipment, flat/spherical surface grinding machines, different kinds of jigs, silicon wafers, environmental products, as well as optical communication devices.

Mighty Line floor tapes are great for marking certain areas in your warehouse. Use It for marking hazards, safety precautions, aisle ways and other areas. Our patented Tapes peel and stick adhesive that removes cleanly upon removal are great for industrial warehouses and facilities, hospitals, oil and gas facilities.

Manual material handling represents the largest source of workman's compensation claims and costs in the US. Encourage safety through injury prevention with Amigo Mobility's powered material handling carts. This diverse product line is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and hospitality environments.


From Concept and Design to Fabrication and Assembly, we keep our customer's needs in mind.

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