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Our products, such as lapping/polishing related tools,
. Keeping this in mind, we have promoted engineering developments in various devices and have provided products with top reliability." to provide the accuracy that is beyond the standard"Because of the rapid progress toward an information society, Techno Rise has been greatly diversified. More highly functional and top quality products are demanded by every industry. The Techno Rise motto and goal since the founding of our company in
semiconductor-related equipment, flat/spherical surface grinding machines, different kinds of jigs, silicon wafers, environmental products, as well as optical communication devices have been highly evaluated and praised by our customers.  In the 21st century, the expectations for super high-technology is ever increasing.  We have many future challenges such as response to environmental issues, cost reductions, and increased business efficiency, etc.
Techno Rise will continuously introduce better products to contribute to our society in many ways.

This model is a semiautomatic CMP machine developed for R&D use to meet requirements of higher-precision planarization processing technology, utilizing CMP technology for devices with sophisticated integration and speed-up to which interlayer membrane CMP, Cu wiring, TSV technology are required.


This machine is suitable for CMP processing which is essential technology among the layering technologies of semiconductor. This includes sheet processing essential to through-silicon via (TSV).
The model is a semiautomatic CMP machine for processing high-mix and a wide variety of processes.

CMP Machine


High Precision Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine



These are high-precision lapping & polishing machines pursuing processing precision.
These machines include constant temperature of plate mechanism as standard equipment.


This machine is the best for high precision grinding that needs highly accurate processing such as the magnetic heads, YAG and lasers. A steady processing rate is obtainable and the removal of scratch on the workpiece is possible.
The flatness of the plate is maintained by high precision machine facing unit and water cooling systems.

Double-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine


This machine is the best for lapping/polishing wafers, such as crystal, quartz and silicon, from small size (3B) to medium size (6B or 9B), where the parallelism is required.


It is best for lapping/polishing which needs the degree of parallel of wafers, such as crystal, quartz, glass and silicon. While a work centre rotates in the rotation direction of a bottom constant board, the top constant board rotates to the opposite direction of the bottom constant board, and a workpiece can be moved in four directions.(4way system). Both sides of a workpiece are therefore processed equally and maintenance of the highly precise degree of parallel and degree of flatness are possible.
In addition, this machine has few burdens to a work centre, and it is capable of processing of very thin wafers in order to mitigate wear of a main and internal gear.

Automatic Fixed-sizing Single-sided Lapping System


This system enables to control absolute dimension to lap & polish with the use of fixed-sizing jig.
This is most suitable for sample polishing and back-lapping processing of silicon, sapphire, etc.


This machine is the best for measuring and controlling the amount of grinding accurately for lapping process and back processing of Si and compound wafers and also the processing of electrical parts.
This machine controls the process and measures the amount of grinding by a high precision pre-setter.
As the amount of grinding is entered into the machine via wireless transmission, the complicated work of wiring is not needed and smoother processing can be performed.
Moreover as this program can be operated on Windows, management of the measurement data is also straight forward.

*T-WMCS Techno Rise Wireless Measure Control System

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