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At KAKOU USA, LLC in Morristown, Tennessee, we strive for "committing to excellence". Our company specializes in machine design/building,  and we also offer machining and fabrication services. Every day we search for new and innovative ways to help our customers get their product as quickly as possible while still adhering to our strict quality control standards. Our regular customers particularly value our quick response and our quality.



Authorized Distributor

For over 50 years, Swiss Precision Instruments, Inc. has continuously introduced exciting new products to the metalworking industry. Since 1956 the SPI family of products has always offered customers Quality, Value and fast Delivery. Today the tradition continues.

Our 432 page catalog features all of the SPI Branded Products. You will find numerous New, Unique and Hard To Find Measuring Tools, Optical Tools, Machine Tool and Shop Accessories.

The SPI Brand of Products is sold, exclusively, through a network of more than 1,000 dealers throughout the United States as well as 26 foreign countries.

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FUTURA INDUSTRIES have the most consistent quality and widest range of offerings for your TSLOT needs because we manufacture and distribute our T-Slotted aluminum extrusions on site in the USA. FUTURA INDUSTRIES work with your designs and offer free software options and concept assistance to help you make your plans a reality. FUTURA INDUSTRIES also offer customization for color and anodized finishes, so you will never have to paint your products unless you want to.

When you order from us, you can be confident that your aluminum extrusion TSLOTS will be easy to use, whether you have designed frames for robots, clean rooms, or enclosures. Our products are lightweight, durable and prefinished in any color you need. When you use our custom brackets, fasteners, hinges and hardware, our aluminum extrusion TSLOTS are easy to assemble – all you need is a few hand tools. Once you have built your product to your custom specifications, your high-strength structure will never need maintenance.

Authorized USA Distributor

KAKOU USA, LLC  Is only USA distributor in USA. Below is little information about the Company:


"Because of the rapid progress toward an information society, Techno Rise have been greatly diversified. More highly functional and top quality products are demanded by every industry. Techno Rise motto and goal since the founding of our company is "to provide the accuracy that is beyond the standard".
Keeping this in mind, we have promoted engineering developments in various devices and have provided products with top reliability.
Our products, such as lapping/polishing related tools, semiconductor related equipment, flat/spherical surface grinding machines, different kinds of jigs, silicon wafers, environmental products, as well as optical communication devices have been highly evaluated and praised by our customers.
In the 21st century, the expectations for super high-technology is ever increasing.
We have many future challenges such as response to environmental issues, cost reductions and increased business efficiency, etc.
Techno Rise will continuously introduce better products to contribute to our society in many ways."


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Nichigo G-Tape™ is an innovative pressure-sensitive tape which is hand tearable and leaves little or no residue on the surface. Nichigo G-Tape™ can even be removed from itself and reused unlike standard duct tapes. Nichigo G-Tape™ does not leave any residue on hands unlike conventional butyl tape in the construction market.

Made from a polyethylene based flat yarn substrate, Nichigo G-Tape™ boasts a higher tensile strength and dimensional stability than conventional gaffer tapes or duct tapes. At the manufacturing facility in Japan, we have excellent in-house design and production of solvent acrylic PSA and can offer a wide range of adhesive strengths for our customers, from removable to permanent depending on the application's requirements. In addition, we can also supply special double-sided tapes which can be easily cut by hand. Typical applications for our tapes include surface or floor protection and paint masking for automotive, marine, rolling stocks, aviation, entertainment and construction Industries.

Authorized Distributor

Whatever kind of ergonomic lift equipment you require, ECOA offers a full line of ergonomic work-positioned equipment. From Scissor Lift Tables to Tilt Tables to Hydraulic Lifts to Custom Lifts, ECOA manufactures standard ergonomic lifting equipment with capacities ranging from 500 lbs to 120,000 lbs, as well as providing for all of your customized needs. We offer a wide variety of ergonomic lifting equipment that will meet all your material handling equipment requirements. Our factory is tooled for both high-volume repetitive manufacturing and custom applications. Our workforce has an average tenure of over 10 years. Some of our personnel have been producing ergonomic and hydraulic lift tables for over 30 years. We listen to our customers, and what they want is quality equipment, delivered on time, and competitively priced.

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